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No hocus-pocus: Push notifications—messages sent from apps to users’ smartphones—can more than double user retention. If you’re not sending pushes, it’s time to pick up your own phone! Our high-speed service is free and gives you unlimited messages to unlimited Android and iOS devices.

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Ten Top Reasons to Pick PushWizard

1.All kinds of messages

Compose text-only pushes. Add pictures and videos. Personalize. Choose from a zillion templates we supply.

2.Easy setup and management

Integrate our SDK in minutes. Control everything from a user-friendly dashboard.

3.The right users . . .

Engage one-on-one with the right targets. Filter by location, language, device type and many other criteria.

4.. . . at the right time

Automatic delivery pings them at the perfect time, every time. Change your settings in a flash.

5.Play in our sandbox

Try out features and work out kinks in our sandbox before taking your apps live.


Your data is super safe with our 256-bit encryption.


Add apps and increase messaging any time you want. We can send hundreds of millions of pushes an hour.

8.Your stats, your schedule

See usage stats daily, weekly or monthly. Frequency’s up to you.


Log all your sent and scheduled push notifications in your own dedicated diary. Edit, schedule and resend at any time.

10.Uptime all the time

Well, virtually. Is 99 percent, guaranteed, close enough?



Now part of STIRISTA, the premier source of leading companies for mega data and micro-targeting.

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  1. Payment for user device IDs
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A good product, superb customer service, competitive pricing. We will work with PushWizard again for future IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society conferences.

Mark Slater

Handmade Interactive LLC

I tested a number of other services, and nothing came close to the ease of developing with PushWizard for our Newsstand app. Setup and integration took less than 10 minutes, and it’s a breeze to send test messages and debug on a device. The support team responds quickly and has been very helpful. I’m really glad I found PushWizard.

Alex Shaffer


Push notifications are a must have tool for anyone who is in the app business! For this reason, I recommend a great service like PushWizard. Installing PushWizard is a straight forward process and the customer service is great!

Abhinav Gupta