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About the PushWizard Partnership Program

When you sign up for PushWizard’s push notification service, you become more than our client. You become our partner in a unique revenue-sharing program.

Here’s how it works: For every unique MAID you supply, we give you a cut of the revenues we realize from ad sales. We think that’s only fair, although it’s kind of strange that no other service seems to agree with us.

Why wait? Register now for free and start raising revenues. Soon you’ll be raising a glass as well.

You’ll Love How PushWizard Delivers

Every push is a special delivery with PushWizard. We offer unlimited messages to unlimited Android and iOS devices, powered by some of the fastest servers in the world. Our high-volume servers are highly reliable, too: We guarantee 99 percent uptime.

PushWizard’s lightweight SDK is a 400-kb file coded to conform to Apple and Google guidelines. It’s perfectly safe to integrate.

Your app users will really get the message with PushWizard.

Start your free service now!

With PushWizard, you can:

  1. Create the type of messages you want with our custom templates.
  2. Micro-target pushes using tags to filter by location or demographics.
  3. Add apps from different iTunes and Play Store accounts.
  4. Put all your pushes on auto-schedule, and then relax. We’ll do the rest, including tracking usages and sending you stats daily, weekly and monthly.

All the FAQs

Have questions? Check out our FAQs.