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Can I really send Push Notifications for free?

Yes! We are really so generous.
Even with our free package you can send unlimited notifications to unlimited devices.

Why should I use your Push Notification service instead of [Competitor]?

Let's See! There are not many rivals for Push Notification services out there, but they are still charging you thousands of dollars for less service. They will limit how many devices you can reach when sending a Push Notification and their systems are mostly heavy and complicated to integrate.

Even if they seem to be cheap, they often have small prints or complicated pricing plans to confuse you into high expenses.

How does Push Notification work anyway?

Let's See! If you don't know how Push Messaging works and why you need a service like us, please read our "How Push Notification Works" page.

Will you support other devices beside iPhone and Android?

Absolutely! We will integrate all mobile platforms one by one! We are working on integrating Windows into our system.

Why shouldn't I register with a Yahoo or Hotmail email account?

Answer: If you register with a Yahoo or Hotmail email account, the chances are high that you will never get our emails. Those e-mail providers have unnecessarily strong spam filters. Please read more in the "Help Needed" section of this FAQ.

Do you use Encryption?

Absolutely! We use 256 bit TLS encryption for the whole service. Your data is absolutely safe.

Will you offer IAP services?

Absolutely! We are already working on a solution to be able to securely handle your IAPs.

Will you send advertisement to my users if I have a free account?

No! We don't send advertisements to your users through your free account, nor do we spam your email address. We respect your user privacy.

We send occasional Newsletters to your registered email address, if you checked the Newsletter-checkbox in your account. That's all.

Do you read or collect the UDID of the iOS devices?

No! It is forbidden by Apple, therefore we don't do that. We also don't use the new Advertising ID.

Do you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Yes! We have a Service Level Agreement for professional customers, if they have a recurring subscription of a certain level. Please contact us!

Do you have phone support?

No! We may offer phone support at a later time for paying customers. Until then you can send us an email or click on the "Online Chat" button, if available.

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