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Comparing Push Services

PushWizard is committed to offer the best available service to anyone, no matter if you are an Indie developer or a big publisher.

At this time, PushWizard is available only for iOS and Android devices, but we are working hard on bringing Push Notifications to Windows Mobile as well.

Our servers are some of the most reliable in the world, powered by German precision, so we can serve you 99% of the time , being able to send nearly 320 Million Push Messages every hour, therefore there is no need for prioritizing Pro users, nor charging extra money for having a big user base with a huge number of devices.

The only hurdle is bandwidth, which we have plenty of, but we still have to pay for it, and that's why we have to limit accessibility in a soft way.

If we look at the below comparison, we can clearly see, that PushWizard has the best cost/benefit ratio among all the other providers.

With our free package you can send more than one message per week to one of your apps, or you can send two messages per month to all of your apps completely unaffected by the size of your user base. No other service can top that.

(per Month)

PushWizard Pushwoosh Parse Urban Airship
No. of Applications 8 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Messages 4 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Delivered Notifications
Unlimited 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000
Api No No Yes No
$ / Additional devices n/a n/a $0.07 / 1,000 $ 0.001/1
Prioritizing Pro accounts No Yes n/a n/a
Price Free Free Free Free
Sending 1 message/week
to 3 million devices
FREE Not possible(?) $770 /
pro: $350
$11,000 /
premium: $1999

The data provided in the above table is based on actual monthly numbers of the websites maintained by the particular providers at the time of creating the comparison.

"No. of Applications" means the number of applications you are able to register with a free account.
"Messages" means the number of messages you are able to send (click the "send" button) per month.
"Delivered Notifications" means the number of any push messages sent and delivered to any devices per month.
"$ / Additional devices" means the cost you have to pay per device(s) after you consumed your free amount during the month.
"Prioritizing Pro accounts" means, that paying customers' messages will be sent before the free messages.
"Sending 1 message/week..." is a case study with example numbers showing the actual costs for the different providers, after the free offer is consumed.

Features & Services

Actual Features

PushWizard has many features making it easy to send Push Notifications and manage your in-app events.

- Free Starter Account
- Easy integration
- Lightweight SDK
- Unlimited Devices
- Unlimited Sandbox
- Remote Control by API
- Remote Token Management
- Rich Media Push
- No Text Push Notifications
- Push Notification Diary
- Resend Push Notification Messages
- Scheduled Messaging
- Event Triggering
- Targeted Messaging (Filtering)
- Custom Payload
- Auto Review Request
- URL Redirecting
- NewsStand Support
- Custom Push Notification Templates
- ARC Support
- Extensive User Statistics
- Plugins for 3rd Party Services
- Apple Feedback Server integration
- Android Integration

Planned & Upcoming

Our main priority is to continuously extend our features; therefore it is highly recommended to check our website frequently.

In the coming months you can expect:
- In App Purchase (IAP)
- Crack Protection
- Referral Program Support
- Windows Phone Integration
- BlackBerry Integration

If you need more information, please Contact Us!